Surveys, MCA Coding and Consultancy

Pre-purchase Surveys

A full pre-purchase survey is a comprehensive condition report on the vessel, covering all major aspects of the construction and integrity of the hull and deck, keel, steering systems, fixtures, fittings and installed systems.

This is one of the most requested yacht surveys as it is an important aspect of the purchase of any pre-owned vessel. The survey will allow the purchaser to identify any areas which may affect the offer price and further costs for rectifying defects found.


Insurance Condition Surveys

An Insurance Condition Survey will cover many aspects of the Pre-Purchase Survey, although some areas may be addressed in less detail.

The vessels insurers are principally concerned about the general condition of the vessel and its installed machinery and systems, the safe operation and security of the vessel and the content and condition of safety and firefighting equipment.

It is often the case with older vessels that insurers will require a yacht surveys to be carried out every ten years.

Valuation Surveys

When purchasing a pre-owned vessel, insurers or finance companies will often ask for an independent valuation to be provided in order to satisfy themselves that the vessel concerned is indeed worth the insured value or the sum borrowed against it. This is often done in conjunction with an Insurance Condition Survey but can also be an independent report.

Damage Survey

In the unfortunate circumstances where you may be making a claim on your insurance following an accident or damage to your vessel, your insurers may require a marine surveyor to conduct a yacht survey. They will inspect the damage and provide a written report detailing the circumstance and extent of the damage as well as making recommendations for the repair specification. This report can then be used to obtain quotations for the required repairs. Your insurers will want assurance that the repairs are carried out to an adequate standard at an acceptable cost and will return the vessel to its original structural and visual condition.


Tonnage Measurement Surveys

This is not, as it may seem, an assessment of the vessels weight! It is in fact a throwback to the days of measuring a vessels cargo carrying capacity. A tonnage survey is a requirement for Part 1 British Registration and will almost certainly be a requirement if you will be raising finance to purchase your new vessel as it will show the finance company as having a financial interest in the ownership of the boat.

Part 1 registration is recommended for any yacht intending to undertake overseas voyages further than the immediate European continent.

Applications for Tonnage Measurement should be made through the YDSA. Further information about Registration and how to make an application can be seen at

Project Management

Having spent many years managing a sizeable fleet of charter yachts and eight years as a refit manager at a leading south coast boatyard, principal surveyor Robin Milledge has the experience of managing the refit and repair on a wide range of sailing and motor yachts.

This work covered all aspects of project management, from costing and quotations to procurement and repair specifications across all trades, including GRP, wood and aluminium repairs, painting, engineering and rigging.

Please contact us to discuss your project and how Rozel Marine can help deliver a cost effective solution to meet your needs.

Accompanied Viewing & Consultancy

Have you seen the yacht of your dreams? Do you need a critical eye to advise you on any aspects of your purchase or do you simply need a second opinion?

We can help you make the right choice and highlight any specific issues which may be cause for concern. Initial telephone consultations are free of charge, there after a consultancy fee is charged for site visits and accompanied viewings.


Report Contents

The specific contents of the survey report will vary depending on the type and size of vessel concerned, however, the standard format will include the following main areas:

  • Vessel particulars and details
  • Scope of the survey and any limitations
  • Hull and hull structure
  • Keel and keel attachment
  • Rudder and steering systems
  • Deck and deck fittings
  • Masts, spars and rigging
  • Sails
  • Rigging attachments and sail handling
  • Deck furniture and covers
  • Interior joinery and furnishings
  • Installed equipment and systems
  • Machinery, drive train and stern gear
  • Ground tackle and anchor systems